Tips on Transforming an Old House Into a Modern Home

Tips on Transforming an Old House Into a Modern Home

Remodeling one place in your home is hard enough; can you imagine a total house remodel? It can go south pretty quickly without proper guidance from a windows and home remodeling expert like Renewal by Andersen® of St. Louis. We specialize in crafting better homes through our window and door services, fitting them into a more modern set-up.

Tips on Transforming an Old House Into a Modern Home

For homeowners who wish to turn their old house into a modern home, here are some handy tips for you.

Schedule a Full House Inspection

Your home has to be in a healthy state before you begin the remodeling construction. The first thing you should do is schedule an inspection for every part of your home: your rooms, roof, gutters, pipes and even your HVAC system. This helps complete your home project quicker since all the problem areas have been dealt with beforehand.

Declutter Your Entire Place

Putting away all your valuable house items and fragile objects protects them against accidental damage. You also make it easier for your remodeling expert to work in your home. You should also lay a tarp on your furniture to prevent sawdust and other construction debris from settling on it. You should also ask your trusted window installer to secure and cover your window frames for protection.

Replace Outdated House Components

A home remodel means a fresh start. You can begin giving your home a makeover by increasing its defense against weather through replacing your windows and doors. We also offer quality window replacement services for beautifying your home.

Incorporate Darker Hues and Modern Elements

A modern home is characterized by minimalism and neutral colors. You should have a design plan highlighting these two characteristics. You can also add textured wood interiors and a symmetrical walkway for a better exterior.

Your doors and windows expert, Renewal by Andersen of St. Louis, offers excellent products to fit your new modern home. We guarantee our products will last against harsh weather. You can call us today at (314) 332-2364 or fill out our contact form to request a free project estimate. We proudly serve homeowners in St Louis and other nearby areas.

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