How to Tell if Your Windows Have Air Leaks

How to Tell if Your Windows Have Air Leaks

Your windows undergo daily wear and tear due to weather damage. The unwanted result of your windows taking such a beating, especially with inadequate or inappropriate window care, is air leaks. Renewal by Andersen® of St. Louis, your windows and patio doors expert, discusses how you can spot, treat and prevent air leaks.

How to Tell if Your Windows Have Air Leaks

Detecting Air Leaks

There are plenty of methods for air leak detection, such as checking for cracks, examining the existing caulking and weatherstripping, looking for rattling frames and searching for daylight through the frame. That said, the most effective way to detect air leaks is by hiring a window professional.

Air Leak Solutions

Windows are bound to suffer from air leaks with lack of maintenance. Once you feel a draft when you pass by your windows, the only solution is to replace them. While some homeowners would still have them caulked as a temporary solution, it would only recur unless you have your windows replaced completely. The same goes for a defective patio door. The best and long-lasting answer is replacing your sliding patio doors, too.

Preventive Methods 

To avoid experiencing the inconvenience brought by air leaks, install only quality windows instead of off-the-rack ones, though the latter are cheaper. Think of it as an investment for your home. You’ll save resources that could be otherwise applied to other important matters in your home, such as other windows or home improvement projects.

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