The Energy-Saving Guide for Window Replacement

The Energy-Saving Guide for Window Replacement

Your home experiences significant energy loss due to faulty windows. When you find your energy bills increasing, feel a window draft or spot moisture between glass panes, contact your trusted windows company, Renewal by Andersen® of St. Louis, for replacement.

The Energy-Saving Guide for Window Replacement

To understand how windows work in conserving energy, we made this guide containing everything you need to know about energy-efficient windows.

The Visible Light Transmittance

You can thank visible light transmittance for allowing in sunlight without harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays. The visible transmittance specifies how much light passes through the window.


The U-factor in windows stops heat flow. When choosing your windows, you should find a product with low U-factor because the smaller the number, the better the performance.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient 

Ever wonder why your room isn’t warming up despite the blazing heat outside? Well, the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) protects your home from gaining outdoor heat. Just like the U-Factor, the lower the number is, the less the heat level in your home.

Low-E Coating

This micro-thin layer reflects heat during warm seasons, but it allows heat to enter your home during winter time. You can save on energy costs since the Low-E coating reduces heat gain and loss by 35%.

Inert Gas Fills

And lastly, another factor in window energy efficiency is the gas fill inserted between two window panes. It improves the performance of your windows. The common inert gas inserted in window panes is argon, which insulates the window glass. However, both xenon and krypton can also be used as options, though argon is the most cost-effective.

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