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Energy inefficiency is a common reason why doors or windows are replaced. Exposure to the elements can cause openings to become uneven, which can cause air leakage. This is a problem that replacement supposedly addresses, but DIY work usually fails to meet the same level of quality that professionals are capable of. This isn’t so surprising as homeowners usually not only have limited knowledge of the replacement process itself, but are also ill-equipped for the job. Without the right tools and materials, homeowners can make mistakes which can both delay the project and incur additional costs to remedy it.

Top 3 Door Window Replacement Mistakes Avoid Part 1 Replacing Doors Windows

Door and window replacement requires the skills, experience and expertise of a professional to be successful. Expert contractors generally follow this process when installing new windows or doors in homes.

  • Pre-installation measurements – The process begins with expert installers taking exact measurements to make sure your new doors or windows will fit existing openings properly. This is why in-home consultations are ideal.
  • Site preparation – Just like any other construction project, door and window replacement involves plenty of mess. To counteract these issues and avoid damage, an expert contractor will carefully move your furniture and other valuables away from the work area. The contractor will also put down drop cloths and tarps to make post-installation cleanup easier. Lastly, protective footwear will be used to make sure your home remains spot-free after the process.
  • Removal of old windows – When it’s time for the installation crew to take out your old units, you can trust that your doors and windows will be removed without causing any damage to the opening, thanks to your contractor’s extensive knowledge of the process. All debris will also be gathered to keep the work area tidy.
  • Installation of new windows – To ensure installation precision, your door and window installer will make adjustments, realigning where needed to guarantee not just proper fit, but airtight seals as well. In addition, they will test each of your new units to make sure all are operating as intended.
  • Post-installation cleanup – With your new doors and windows installed, your contractor will then get to work cleaning up the work area, putting your home back in order. Once they’re done, everything should be in place, looking like nothing ever happened.

Working on numerous homes allows door and window contractors to underst and how to solve any problem encountered during a replacement job. They can take into consideration the differences between properties and make the necessary adjustments to achieve best results.

Installation quality accounts for a big portion of how doors and windows perform, but whether or not desired outcomes are met will also depend on the actual replacement units you choose. Check out Part 2 of this blog series to learn more about choosing door or window designs.


"Our door & windows installers did a wonderful job installing our new door & windows. They were on time, friendly, & installed the door & windows fast but efficiently! We are also very happy with the money we are saving on our energy bills since our front door & windows were installed!!!"

Melissa Keebler Dudley
Aug 30, 2022

"We had old windows replaced and our new windows are beautiful. The quality of the window is far superior to the vinyl windows we had. We’re looking forward to seeing a reduction in our energy bill!"

Jennifer Laird-Isenberg
Aug 20, 2022

"The installation was perfect and the people were professional. The quality of the windows were well worth the money. I wish I had used your product sooner in my life."

Robert Nash
Aug 24, 2022

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