4 Amazing Advantages of Fibrex® Over The Competition

4 Amazing Advantages of Fibrex® Over The Competition

While innovations in windows don’t come off as flashy in the world today, they bring many benefits to the conscientious homeowner. At Renewal by Andersen® of St. Louis, we favor Fibrex® for all of our frames—be they on our windows or doors. In the entry, we list down four of the best reasons why this material has a leg up on the competition.image 1

1. Fibrex is Kind to the Environment
Fibrex comes from a blend of 40 percent wood fiber and 60 percent thermoplastic polymer by weight. Both of these come from our manufacturing processes. When you invest in one of our St. Charles, Missouri energy efficient windows, you take nothing from the environment. We waste nothing, as we often source materials from recycled Renewal by Andersen windows.

2. Fibrex is Durable
Vinyl is another popular material used in windows and Fibrex comes off being twice as durable. The weather tight seals in our windows stay that way, as the combination of materials does not bloat or exp and. It’s also stable and consistent regardless of shifting climate conditions in an area. Fibrex won’t rot, decay, nor will it ever experience corrosion and peeling.

3. Fibrex is Family Friendly
As you don’t use any paints and varnishes on Fibrex, it exudes minimal Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs. These VOCs are chemicals that have high vapor pressure and are easily spread and taken into the body. VOCs are highly toxic and harmful to the body in even small amounts, often leading to long-term health effects. With Fibrex, you don’t have to worry about VOCs.

4. Fibrex is Energy-Efficient
The biggest pull of Fibrex when it comes to windows installation in St. Charles, MO, is that it’s an effective thermal regulator. Keeping heat where you need it most, Fibrex makes sure that temperatures in your home are always comfortable without relying on artificial cooling and heating. In the end, you save money off your energy bills.

Looking for a window investment that pays itself back over time? Consult Renewal by Andersen of St. Louis. All our products incorporate Fibrex frames supporting High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass. These ensure many benefits in a fully customizable package. Call us today at (314) 332-2364.

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